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Sometimes You Have to UNPLUG

We live in a busy and demanding world. Digital technology demands more and more attention and sucks up more of our daily time, this has a direct effect on our brain chemistry and can cause anxiety and stress. Choose to disconnect every once in a while, maybe for at least a few hours a day. Put down the tablets, laptops and get out in nature or read a book. It has been proven to have a positive effect not just on our heath and our mind-set but also on our close relationships too.

We (especially us Women) need moments of solitude and self- reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.

Ways to UNPLUG:

-Turn off the T.V.

-Turn off your cell phone for an hour a day or before bed -Never start your morning with Social Media

-Read a book

-Write a letter (go old school)


-Go for a walk or jog.

-Take time to breathe

-Hug your kids or loved ones

-Drink some tea

Unplugging is about taking back your control. So try it. Do it. Focus less on what you want to do and achieve more on how you want to feel. Pursue those things that make you feel that way.

Take back your Power to say NO.

Love Yourselves...


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