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Commit to One Stress-Relieving Activity per Day


We all have busy lives. The every day hustle and bustle can oftentimes leave us feeling drained, tired, stress, and out of our element. There are some things we must all do in order to get back to who we were before the hustle began. the kids, the career, the relationship, the finances. It will all be there til even after we leave this earth, but until then, we must find better ways to cope and eliminate the stresses.

Chose an activity you find relaxing. You must commit to it. Even if its 10-20 minutes a day. You will quickly notice some improvements.

Here are some things we could do to help alleviate some stress:

-Get more sleep or plan for a nap

-Read a book

-Go outside


-Cuddle with your partner

-Sing out loud like no one is listening. If they are, who cares?

-Breathe deeply

-Practice Meditation or Yoga

- Create something. Get back into your hobbies

Pamper Yourself

These are just a few of the many ways you could get back into enjoying your days...give yourself something to look forward to daily...little ways to Love on Yourself...after all, #YouDeserveit


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