Spa Policy

No Children Allowed

Because of the nature of our spa and the procedures we do do not allow kids.

Children pose unique challenges in spa environments. For their safety, we do not want them to be exposed to any laser aesthetic procedures. Spas usually focus on tranquility and calm, something children rarely possess. No offense to the children, we just want to you to be able to enjoy and focus solely on your session.

Thank you for understanding.

Privacy & Safety

Every client has a right to privacy. No personal information will be shared. All discussed is confidential. Photograph authorization is required for Aesthetic Laser services at every session in order to chart progress. Consent to release or not release photos in a non-disclosed manor i.e, no faces must be signed for portfolio viewing purposes only. All photos taken are taken with a discrete approach in regard to client privacy.

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards


Offline Payments